8 Days / 7 Nights / 6 Hiking Tours


Explore Menalon Trail LQT in Greece, including a 6 days hiking tour.

This well-signposted 75 km long mountain trail in the center of Peloponnese, that unfolds through the dramatic scenery of the Lousios River Gorge, the western slopes of Mt Menalo, the Valley of Mylaon River and the Northeast Gortynian Mountains, will let you discover that hiking creates another exciting reason to explore this unique destination of Greece!

Menalon Trail is divided into 6 daily hikes and crosses 9 historical villages with significant facilities.

The trail passes by all the historical and cultural elements of the area, and is full of interesting activities and spectacular attractions, as follows:

Day 1 Arrival Athens International Airport – transfer to Hotel Aiora, Bytina, Peloponnesos

Day 2 - 1st Day Hike: Stemnitsa–Dimitsana (12.5km, 4½ hours)A picturesque descent into the Lousios Gorge past Prodromos Monastery, followed by an ascent to the Old and New Philosophou Monasteries. The trail then follows the course of the river before leading up to the Open Air Water Power Museum. From the Prodromos Monastery there’s a worthwhile detour south to Ancient Gortys.

Day 3 - 2nd Day Hike: Dimitsana– Zygovitsi –Elati (19 km, 6½ hours) This section starts with a gentle ascent past St Apostoli Monastery, and along footpaths and dirt roads through fields. Ascends to the Bilali Pass over the Western Menalon massif, with some steep sections and an optional detour to Pliovouni Peak (1643m).

Day 4 - 3rd Day Hike: Elati–Vytina (8.5km, 2½ hours) Partially paved, wooded trail that passes by some ancient ruins and abandoned watermills. The route descends from Elati to the riverbed of the Milaon River, where it meets the obvious pathway situated on the banks. Following the well waymarked trail (parts paved, parts plain path) pass under the hill where the acropolis of the antique city Methydrion was located. Follow the nice, old mule track to Vytina. This part is the richest section of the route ; moving across Milaon River in high riparian vegetation of plane trees and passing by three consecutive abandoned watermills.

Day 5 - 4th Day Hike: Vytina – Nymphasia – Magouliana (14.5km, 5½ hours) Continue on the route leading to Nymphasia through the Old Vytina footpath that leads to Mavra Litharia, a massive limestone boulder in the riverbed of Milaon River, that the stream cut in half creating a short yet impressive gorge. Then start descending to Tzavarenas’ bridge, a solid stone bridge that secured the connection between Vytina with the western Gortynian villages. The trail descends to a short gorge before ascending gently through a rock-and-shrub landscape. Leading through oak and spruce forests, the trail descends to Kernitsas Monastery and passes by Sfyrida Hermitage.

Day 6 – 5th Day Hike: Magouliana–Valtesiniko (7.5km, 2 hours) The path descends past an old sanitorium and follows a riverbed. Walk across Magouliana through small roads and arrive to the saddle west of the village, where a point of splendid views is located, surrounded by stone built threshing floors. Descend toward the old sanatorium, known as the Mana Sanatorium, through small footpaths and small roads. The route leads down toward the valley along a small river and continues parallel to the riverbed direction through footpaths and small roads until the junction with another small river and a concrete bridge. A good path, that was once paved, ascends to the mountain village of Valtesiniko, the village of woodcarvers.

Day 7 – 6th Day Hike: Valtesiniko–Lagkadia (13.9km, 5 hours)The path ascends to a Byzantine fortress, then passes through open country and traverses valleys before ending at a war memorial. Follow the small forest road though a wooded ridge, withwalnut trees, threshing floors and huts. On the western edge of this zone you’ll see Lagkadia, the village of the stone builders. Enter Lagkadia, passing by the impressive complex of Rapi Watermills.

Day 8 Departure transfer to Athens International Airport – departure with flight
• The Prodromos Monastery in Stemnitsa
• The Lousios Gorge
• The Old Philosophou Monastery dating to 963
• The Open Air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana
• The Public Library of Dimitsana
• The Immortals Memorial of the guard of Theodore Kolokotronis, leader of the 1821 Independence War, in Zygovisti
• The Zoodochos Pigi chapel in Elati
• The Milaon River and Lousios Bridge in Vytina
• The Sfyrida’s Hermitage in Nymphasia
• The complex of Rapi’s Watermills in Lagkadia
• Explore the magical world of the bees and the beekeeping craft  on Mainalon Mountain
• 6 day hikes in Menalon Trail LQT according to the hiking programe
• 7 overnight stays with breakfast in Hotel Aiora (www.aiora-suites.gr) or similar
• 7 daily Lunch Boxes with local traditional products
• 7 extra meals with our Menalon Beer
• The transportations from resort to the hiking entry and back
• English speaking local expert hiking escort
• Basic liability insurance
• Menalon Trail map
• The museum entrance fees for Folklore Museums and the Open Air Water Power Museum
• The transportations to and from airport to resort
• The flights to and from your destination country (International flights)
• Visa for residents of countries which required
• Drinks and beverages at the meals
• Any other services not mentioned above
Necessary Equipment to have with you:

• Walking shoes/boots
• Clothing that corresponds to the weather
• Backpack properly fitted
• Sunglasses, hat, raingear
• 1st aid kit
• Fluids and snacks
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