Photo tour in Naflion


Take your camera and discover the picturesque city of Nafplio through your lens. Learn the secrets of your camera by a professional photographer and fill your memory stick with memorable shots!

* A minimum number of 2 participants is required for this tour.
Nafplio is widely known as an ideal photographic destination of Greece. By the view of a visitor, we see once again the fabric of the city that is built to defend itself and we render it into photograph, through a different angle. Venetian balconies, castles, turrets, arcades, canons and many other spots are only a few of what we can capture through a perfect photographic angle.

Regardless of the quality of our camera and the level of knowledge, professional photographers undertake to teach us the secrets of our photographic camera, while learning and practicing the art of landscape photography, street photography and architecture photography.

Grab your camera and get ready to capture the Venetian beauty of Nafplio while taking tips from a professional photographer. You will learn about the history of Nafplio, its monuments and its castles, while learning to master new photography techniques. Walk in hidden alleys and explore the history of Nafplio through your camera’s lens. We climb at the castle of Acronafplia with and hidden on the rocks elevator and we take panoramic photos of Nafplio and the Argolic gulf. Like invaders, we “shoot” with our lens all the cannons and every secret corner of the castle. Afterwards, though the peaceful alleys with their wonderful Venetian balconies, we slope down capturing divine shots of the old city of Nafplio. Two hours after the beginning of our tour, our mind is full of new photography knowledge and the memory stick of our camera full of spectacular and memorable shots.
• Learn how to use properly your camera
• Explore the city of Nafplio through your lens
• Learn the history of Nafplio and walk in its castles and alleys
• Learn new photography techniques
• Family friendly
• Professional English speaking Photographer-Escort
• Pick up drop off from your hotel at Nafplio
• Semi-independent tour
• Liability insurance
• All taxes
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